We all know Tinder is a great dating app a.k.a “Hook-Up App” for young people who are trying to find a date near their area. Since many people are not sure that does Tinder even work there are some examples that tell us:


Although Tinder started as a hooking up app but now it’s simply just more than that, many people specially girls even use it for making friends or finding their Mr. Perfect instead of casual one night hook ups.


Its pretty simple how would you know which women are serious in having a proper relationship rather than one night stand. If it says “No One Night Stands or Hook Ups” it means she is the serious type. However, if it says “No Strings or Casual Fun” that means she is in for some casual stuff.

What women to approach? It’s up to you. 

But how do you approach them?

There are some tinder pick up lines for guys that led to great success. Besides it works on both type of women whether serious or casual ones. What are these tinder pick up lines that work every time? Have a look below.

What’s more?

There are some quick tips for you at the end of the post to maximize your dating experience, enjoy! 😉

25 Tinder Pick Up Lines For Guys 

1. tinder pick up lines

Did you see how clever he was? That’s certainly a great way for you to get her number, it’s smart, it’s unique, it’s simply GENIUS! You should definitely try it guys.

2. Tinder Pick Up LinesHaha well surely that was funny, instead of old school method of asking for her number he directly showed his attentions, if she is the “No Hook Ups” type girl, she will fall for it for sure.

3. Tinder Pick Up Lines image 3Brilliantly played sir! Doesn’t matter what that girl is looking for you have just provided her all the options that she can have with you. The choice is totally hers now, but the girl is yours!

4. Tinder Pick Up Lines image 4Well that’s another way to do it. You can agree with her, show her how similar your opinions are and then BAM! ask for her number and she’ll be more than happy to give it to you.

5. Tinder Pick Up Lines image 5Hahaha that was bold wasn’t it!
Liked that one? Try some of these dirty pick up lines too that’ll make her panties wet!

6. Tinder Pick Up Lines image 6Another brilliant stuff! The girl is surely impressed and see how easy it was to get her number. Just be a little clever, try something different and you have her number my friend.

7. Tinder Pick Up Lines image 7As you know it’s a great saying “Honesty is the best policy”, so man up guys, show your true intentions, break the ice and ask her out. Simple!

8. Tinder Pick Up Lines image 8It might be old school and one of the extensively used tinder icebreakers, but come on admit it, this is the most used tinder pick up line and it’s success shows why. You might want to try it out too.

9. Tinder Pick Up Lines image 9Oh My God that’s…… weird. Anyhow it’s a good tinder pick up line to have up your sleeve.

Well he got a little too honest. Sometimes a no pick up line is the best pick up line.
Don’t run out of pick up lines ever, try these corny pick up lines.

11. tinder pick up lines image 11Swipe right and you found your perfect match.. swipe left… Game Over!

12. tinder pick up lines image 12Wooh..!! Thinking it’s a little cheesy? I don’t think so, it might work.

13. tinder pick up lines image 13Make her laugh, that’s the best way to go my friend. Find more funny pick up lines to make her laugh.

14. Tinder Pick Up Lines image 14Haha…? Are you a nerd? We’ve the best collection of nerdy pick up lines for you must check. 😉

15. tinder pick up lines 15
Nicely done! Praise the similarities, respect the differences and she’ll fall for you instantly.

16. Tinder pick up lines - image 16Well apparently being straight up honest can get you the number. Specially if she’s into those naughty things of your fantasies.

17. Tinder pick up lines - image 17
Haha making sure she’s not a Nazi before dating her is a good thing. Besides if you ask it you’ll always have a great laugh out of it.

18. Tinder pick up lines image 18Wow.. sometimes going cute seems to work. In fact there is no harm in taking advantage of a cute animal to get your way to her heart. Kudos!

19. Tinder pick up lines image 19That’s another nice one.. ask her a quick question and then work your way to get on to the main point. By the way.. what animal have sex with a bulldog? Probably another bulldog I guess.

20. Tinder pick up lines image 20Indeed a very nice one. Even if you invite her for Netflix and chill, she’d come. Try it out.

21. Tinder pick up lines image 22
Smooth as always. Keeping it to the point. Worth a try.

22. Tinder pick up lines image 23Racist? Absolutely NO! If you are trying to date an Asian, that’s the way to go but only if she’s naughty otherwise you would get blocked my friend.

23. Tinder pick up lines image 23Long live America! Always get you damn hot girls.

24.Tinder pick up lines image 18Hands down!! This is the smoothest tinder pick up line ever. Take motivation guys, this is the best stuff you are looking at.

25. Tinder pick up lines - image 16Lol. Don’t ruin your own pick up line folks. Besides if you even do, it would probably be a nice tinder icebreaker, and a good laugh is guaranteed.

Make sure you use these tinder pick up lines to their best. Here are some quick tips that you can use to make Tinder do the magic for you.

Top Tinder Tips

  • Make a charismatic profile, mix up your pictures, show your best personality by maximizing on this opportunity.
  • Beware of Tinder scams and bad date experiences.
  • Try making the most out of it in “hunting season”, i.e., Autumn and Spring.
  • Meet someone in person, don’t just fool around only on this app, as you know, safety comes first.
  • Don’t say a simple boring “Hi”.. be creative with these working tinder pick up lines. 😉

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