Admiring a girl and pursuing her is the first step to delight a girl and getting her to go out with you. This can be done with pure ease by using some very sweet pick up lines.

Since sweet pick up lines serves the purpose to show your affection towards her and will give a boost to your relationship right from the beginning. Every girl feels nice if she is been complimented or appreciated. These little romantic gestures means world to them.

Hence sweet pick up lines have a much more meaningful impact on them.

Have a look at these 36 best sweet pick up lines that will make her blush.

36 Extremely Sweet Pick Up Lines

  1. I’ve fallen for you so hard that I can start worshiping you right now.

  2. Be mine and I’ll be the most blessed guy in this world.

  3. It would feel amazing to run my fingers through your hair all night long.

  4. I’d love to feel you in my arms when I hug you.

  5. I think I just found my soulmate in you.
    sweet pick up lines
  6. It’s so beautiful how you remain on my mind whole day.

  7. Since I saw you, I’ve had butterflies in my stomach.

  8. You’re eyes are so deep I can’t help it I’m getting lost.

  9. The sole purpose of my life will always be trying to make you happy.

  10. I want to kiss every inch of you.

  11. I’d never meet a person as charming as you are.
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  12. I see my dream girl in you.

  13. Now that I’m here, I never want to go away from you.

  14. Your smile just makes me melt.

  15. I’d love to listen to your voice every morning.
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  16. Oh girl you’ve already made me feel weak in my knees.

  17. God has made you perfect! just the way I like it.

  18. You brighten my whole day.

  19. Just the thought of spending my life with you makes me feel thankful.

  20. Meeting you is the highlight of my whole life.

  21. You smell simply amazing.

  22. If I could I’d always stare at you.

  23. I want to be your pillow at night.
    deep pick up lines
  24. You have the cutest smile I’ve ever seen.

  25. How do you manage to look beautiful every time?

  26. When you smile it gives me goosebumps.

  27. You know thinking of our future together make me want to start it as soon as possible.

  28. I just need one thing to complete my life and that’s you.

  29. I need you in my life more than oxygen.

  30. I’d rather have kisses from you, than every other sweet thing in my life.
    romantic pick up lines
  31. I wish I knew how to stop thinking about you.

  32. You can help me starting a new life by being with me.

  33. My life would be an endless long walk if I don’t have your hand to hold.

  34. If it was raining now, I’d invite you for a rain dance with me.

  35. Can you guess what’s my biggest fear? thought of losing you.

  36. I want you to be my lover, my life, my best friend, my wife.
    sweet pick up lines

But one must consider few things before using them which will be the deciding factor for your success.

Use these sweet pick up lines to their best by being truthful and really say it from your heart. Every girl is beautiful and I’m sure you will definitely find something that you really feel about her. In this way, it will have a lot more impact on her. She will instantly melt for you.

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Love these lines? Share it with your significant other and let her know how much she means to you.


Let us know in the comments about your romantic line that gave you your soulmate.

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