When it comes to the term “picking up girls” our mind goes straight to pick up lines. There are several best cheesy pick up lines that you can use, but how about “impressing girls“? It’s more powerful term isn’t it. If you are really a gentleman you’d impress, amuse and inspire a girl. And what’s the best way to do that? These 31 smooth pick up lines.

There are several things you can do to impress a girl. The most helpful being acting like an adult, asking her out with confidence, be transparent, look her in the eyes, treat her like a queen.

Once you know they can impress any girl you would call them chat up lines instead of smooth pick up lines.

31 Best Smooth Pick Up Lines

  1. Where are you from? Oh nice! Actually I just wanted to start a conversation that’s all.

  2. Let me see if your hands fits perfectly in my hand.

  3. I was just curious and thought I might ask “Do you think I’m cute?”.
    funny pick up lines for boys
  4. You are so amazingly gorgeous what.. that’s the least I can say about you.

  5. If anyone says that you aren’t the most beautiful girl here, then he is wrong.

  6. [At coffee house] No need to order something dark and strong, I’m already here.

  7. I don’t care whether you have a boyfriend or not, you are just beautiful.

  8. No wonder why sky is grey today, your eyes took all the blue.

  9. Did you drop these 50$? No? Can I buy you a drink from these? 😉
    funny pick up lines
  10. Your last name is the only thing I want to change about you.

  11. I’m that tall guy you need in your life.

  12. If you get so drunk that you need someone to carry you home, I’m sitting right over there.

  13. You seem to be the first person I’d look after waking up tomorrow.

  14. The bar is closing up, if you want another drink, my house is just 1 block away.
    pick up lines for boys
  15. Wanna see a magic trick? [Yes] This hand won’t ever let you go, try it.

  16. If we were Western, would you ride with me on my horse?

  17. Is something wrong with you? [No what?] That’s what I’m saying it’s nothing you are just perfect!

  18. I want to be there to catch you every time you fall because of these heels.

  19. Going for a walk, you coming then?

  20. God gave you everything except my number.
    clever pick up lines
  21. Do you belong to Mecca? Cause you can Mecca anyone weak in his knees.

  22. If I have you I’ll not need another marriage cause you are already a 10.

  23. Oh I notice you blink, we have so much in common.

  24. Are you single or I’ll remain hopelessly desperate? 

  25. If it was on the Menu I’d order a date with you.

  26. If we broke up I’d never have anyone to make you feel jealous.
     smooth pick up line
  27. I’ll treat you like a princess should be treated.

  28. Would you like to teach me how to dance? 😉

  29. Set your phone to selfie mode, go to a girl and ask, ” What do you think about this couple?”

  30. Are you a dart board, cause I keep missing you.

  31. When I text you good morning later? What phone number should I use? 
    funny pick up lines for boys

How smooth…

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You should really take an inspiration from these successful smooth pick up lines. Don’t forget to SHARE it with your friends. I’m definitely going to use them tonight! 😉

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