Pick up lines for girls are not very common because when it comes to pick up lines, our mind goes straight towards the fact that these are only guys stuff and only guys use it to pick up girls.

But what if I tell you


The fact that guys love girl who are open, confident and not-shy makes these pick up lines for girls much more effective.

Check out these sweet pick up lines that guys use on girls to make her go WOW!

That’s why we have collected some of the cheesiest, dirty, sweet and best pick up lines for girls to use on men that will make them stick around. TRUST ME, it will work!

50 Best Pick Up Lines For Girls

  1. If it wasn’t imaginary, I’d surely give you key to my heart. 

  2. You really look like a guy I’d go out with.

  3. My house is going through some maintenance, can I stay at yours?

  4. You look like a sweet guy, wanna have a loyal girlfriend?

  5. My car broke down, do you mind walking me home?
    pick up lines for girls
  6. I’m a good cook, what do you like to have for breakfast?

  7. Mind if I check your pockets? Looks like you stole my heart.

  8. If I get wasted, you should not waste that condom in your wallet.

  9. Are you Ronaldo? I’d love to bend for you.

  10. Guess what’s common in my ring and panties. I’m not wearing both.
    smooth pick up lines
  11. You look like a hard worker. Wanna fill a whole for me?

  12. Let’s toss, Heads your place, Tails mine..

  13. I like that shirt, must be made of boyfriend material.

  14. Are you a trumpet? Cause I like blowing it.

  15. What’s your name? I’ll know what to shriek tonight.
    pick up lines for boys
  16. You are hot. Considering chilling with me.

  17. Quick reminder, you have a date tonight, [With Who?] Me.

  18. You are forgetting something, [What?] My Number.

  19. I’m good at rugby. Wanna play in my bedroom tonight?

  20. Hi I’m Elsa. You could be a good prince to a princess.

  21. You are too hot cause you are making me sweat.
    cute pick up lines for girls
  22. Would you buy me a drink? I dropped mine because of you.

  23. Noticed you were staring at me. Just want to give you a closer look.

  24. Would you pick something up for me? [What?] Me.

  25. Got a mirror in your pants? Cause I can see myself in there.

  26. Are you a firefighter? Cause you must know how to deal with my hotness.

  27. Forget wine.. I’m more of a moan girl. 😉
    pick up lines for girls
  28. Are you feeling down? I can help you feel up.

  29. Was having a rough day.. but you somehow turned me on mister!

  30. Breathe, and I’ll know you want me tonight.

  31. Thank God you are not my homework, I want to do you all night.

  32. I’m afraid of darkness. Wanna accompany me at night?

  33. Hi. I’ve a vagina.

  34. Do you have any interest in exploring my cave?
    smooth pick up lines
  35. I want to borrow something. Your chromosomes.

  36. You seem to have a perfect ride for me.

  37. I’m wearing a new lip gloss, wanna taste it?

  38. If you’d a farmer I’d love to have your cucumber.

  39. Are you a food inspector? Cause I’ve some meat for you to taste.

  40. I like my coffee tall, dark and strong, it’s funny you have the same features too.
    smooth pick up lines
  41. I’m bored, do you have something I can play with?

  42. Hey you, like a human organ, I need you inside me.

  43. How tall are you? Cause this short girl needs a tall guy.

  44. I’m on my period, I want someone to rub my belly.

  45. Feel my skin, does it feel like girlfriend material to you?
    romantic pick up lines
  46. Don’t own a car? You can fill me up instead.

  47. Give me a chance and I can blow many things other than your mind.

  48. If you were my teacher I’d love to get a D from you.

  49. Do you have a towel, I need it cause I’m getting wet.

  50. Just smile! [It’s the most powerful one, he’ll definitely go weak in his knees and comes to you himself.]pick up lines for girls

Women are known to be kittenish, waiting in a corner, wanting the guy to make the first move. But what if I she breaks this stereotype, and assume all control over it, goes to a guy and throw some pick up lines at his direction. This doesn’t have to be a big deal. Since, boys actually like this attitude, there is no harm in using these pick up lines for girls.

See which dirty pick up lines guys can use to get a girl.

But remember, using dirty pick-up lines isn’t for every girl, but if you have those guts to pull it off, I’m sure you’ll have the best time of your life. Who knows what will work, and you your prince charming you were looking for. 😉

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