We will agree.. it’s a common misconception that nerdy guys can’t get a girlfriend and hence DO NOT GET LAID!

Is it true?

Absolutely NO! Though it depends on various factors, but a nerd will have a bit more advantage if he has the best set of nerdy pick up lines. 😀

This article will help you learn all the greatest nerdy pick up lines that are proven to be the most effective.

83 Geeky and Nerdy Pick Up Lines

  1. I will love you like a pie. Irrational and Limitless.

  2. You are like a sun, I can’t stop orbiting around you.

  3. Excuse me? Will you help me solve this relation.. “I <3 You”? 😉

  4. Your parabolas are gorgeous!

  5. If IQ level was based on beauty, you would have higher IQ than Stephen Hawking.

  6. You are more attractive than all fundamental forces.

  7. Your eyes are more deeper than The Black Hole. 😛

  8. My love for you is Chaitin’s “constant”, it’s continuous and incomputable.

  9. You are more attractive than gravity.

  10. I’m a scientist and I can prove that friction is helpful, wanna take a demo?

  11. Your body is flawlessly composed of perfect arc lengths.
  12. You are more curvy than asymptotes.

  13. I am sin2(x) and you are cos2(x), let’s get together so that we become one. 😉

  14. Your parents must be architects, they have made an absolute beauty.

  15. Do you want to feel my electrode? 😛

  16. I’m sure, coefficient of static friction between us will be very high.

  17. My cardoid beats for you since I saw you.

  18. Your smile is brighter than a shiny star.

  19. You must be a function of tangent. Cause you can be easily differentiated from the rest.

  20. Are you related to Thomas Edison? Because you are really sparkling.

  21. You have an absolutely symmetrical body about your y-axis. 😉
    nerdy pick up lines - i love you

  22. I bet our bond will be much stronger than a covalent bond.

  23. Your eyes are constantly sucking me like a universe vacuum.

  24. Like a simple pendulum, I always move back and forth about you.

  25. My heart’s resonance beating frequency has increased since I saw you.

  26. Want to see something incredible? I’ve E = mc2 tattooed on my ass.

  27. Doesn’t matter if you are measured in Kelvin, Celcius or Farhenheit, you are extremely hot.

  28. It’s been scientifically proved that length of vector doesn’t matter, force does.

  29. With my IQ and your hotness, we can generate a race of super humans.

  30. If there is no resistance between us, imagine how much voltage can we make.

  31. My heart beats for you faster than the speed of light.

  32. Can you feel the Van der Waal’s force between us or should I move closer? 😉

  33. I’m sure our kinetic energy will exceed the spring potential of my mattress.

  34. Hey girl I think you will be the topic of my next blog.

  35. Are you Optional Stopping Theorem cause I feel time stops when I’m around you.

  36. Baby I need you to unzip my large files.

  37. Divide 2i<6u what do you get? [I<3u] Yes I <3 U too.

  38. If I was a derivative I’d be tangent to your curves.

  39. This homework is exhausting, let’s go grab a drink.

  40. Let’s U and I get together and make Uranium Iodide.

  41. My love for you is growing exponentially. 

  42. You are sweeter than C6H12O6.

  43. Babe you are the ink to my pen.

  44. I had an exam yesterday and you kept coming in my mind.

  45. If you are in my range I’d surely take you to my domain.

  46. We have a stronger bond than cement mortar.

  47. Girl I’d love to see your bending moment.

  48. Since I saw you there’s a normal stress on my heart to talk to you.

  49. Baby you are oxygen to my flame.

  50. You are so hot, you are increasing my sperm count.

  51. After seeing you my electrons move up to excited state.

  52. I’m a scientist and I always do periodically on table.

  53. Plank may be constant but baby I am not.

  54. Are you Florine, Iodine, Neon, Arsenic and Sulfur? Cause you have FINe AsS!

  55. I’ll call you Beryllium and Barium cause you are a BaBe.

  56. You are hotter than Electric Oven at 105 degrees Celsius.

  57. If I was a Super Hero, I’d telepath you to my bedroom.

  58. Baby I’m your Super man and I’ll take you out of this world.

  59. The heat among us is more than a exothermic reaction.

  60. I can’t keep my retina off you.

  61. Hi I’m Adenine I want to pair with U.

  62. Just like my chrome history, I’d never want anyone to see you.

  63. Evaporation causes cooling, it’ll help you when I’ll make you sweat.

  64. Honey you’ll need some aerobic respiration tonight.

  65. I’m sure I can make space for your cosmetics in my book shelf.

  66. If I had a super power, it would be getting under your clothes.

  67. If you were any hotter, you’d explode like a Hydrogen bomb.

  68. I’ve done research, If I go at speed equals 65 km/h I’ll make you orgasm faster.

  69. I’ll go down on you faster than exponentially decreasing function’s graph.

  70. I’ve fallen for you just the same way as apple fell on Einstein.

  71. I want to taste your vulva-fluids.

  72. What if I bound you like ribosomes and transfer my sperms in you.

  73. Our relationship would be more reliable than Google Chrome Browser.

  74. How about we make connection and share our data with each other tonight?

  75. Let’s play a game. Its called Words With Friends With Benefits.

  76. Do you like Dragon Balls Z? Cause I can give you all the balls you need.

  77. I don’t need Google to look you up.

  78. You seem to have a fine domain, would you like to host it on my server?

  79. You have got the best features I’ve ever witnessed in any thing.

  80. Let’s go home and engage in a simple harmonic motion.

  81. Let me know if I’m wrong, if X+U=15 the, X must be 5 and U sure are 10.

  82. You know you are a perfect square! That’s why you’re 36-25-36.

  83. Honey.. you auto-complete me.geeky nerdy pick up lines

Did you get them?

These geeky and nerdy pick up lines will only makes sense for you if you are a true nerd and a real geek. So does for the girl you are trying upon. So make sure she understands it well.


You can always rely on these funny, cheesy and best pick up lines to get yourself a nice looking girl and become an inspiration for other geeks. 😉

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