Finding good pick up lines that work is kind of a tough job. They are of just so many types. Smooth pick up lines, romantic pick up lines, sweet pick up lines are just a few to mention. We really cannot predict what will work because it just depends on so many factors. But usually these really good pick up lines have a common quality that makes its output so great and effective.

So what are these lines?

Try these pick up lines for Tinder to get a date online.

Here is the best collection of some REALLY GOOD pick up lines to get you a date.

23 Obviously Good Pick Up Lines That Work

  1. Let me tell you a secret, you are at the top of my wishlist.

  2. Are you an open API? Cause I really think we should connect.

  3. Even the most delightful girl isn’t really delightful as you are.
    good pick up lines - wow

  4. I performed a global search and look what I found. You!

  5. Girl you really triggered my heart for danger alert.

  6. Let’s change our status to “In a Relationship”, shall we? ­čśë

  7. I’m a man of goals and I don’t want to miss the opportunity┬áto talk to you.

  8. Let’s try to build an analytics chart to see how our love grows over time.

  9. You really shouldn’t leave, my heart needs your customer support.

  10. I’m lucky that I have not eaten anything yet, you can be my Happy Meal.

  11. I’d love to give you the key that opens my heart.

  12. How about we just start dating and see where this goes.

  13. Someone call the ambulance, you’ve sky-rocketed┬ámy heart beat.
    good pick up lines  - skyrocket

  14. Are you cold or you just giving me chills?

  15. I must sit down cause my heart just took off when I saw you.

  16. How about we go back to my place and watch Netflix.

  17. You look mesmerizing, I’ve come to take a closer look at you.

  18. You seem like a person I’d love to stay home with.

  19. May I take your temperature? You look very hot.

  20. Your eyes is the second favorite thing I love about the most, you being the first.

  21. If you were mine, I’d attach a label on you that’d say “MINE”!

  22. I’ve got a disease from you called love.. can you be my cure?

  23. You are so beautiful that you make me feel better to see you.
    good pick up lines

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