Admit it.. Girls drool over naughty, flirtatious and confident guys. And what shows confidence more than talking dirty to her. Even specially when they are first time talking to her. Some dirty pick up lines are a great way to do that.

What’s more?

For girls, see these cute pick up lines to use on guys.

These really great set of 69 dirty pick up lines will sky-rocket your chances to take that smoking hot girl your home. So let’s get started:

69 Best Dirty Pick Up Lines

  1. I can’t find my cat, can I take your pussy home?

  2. Just go over that couch and pretend you legs cannot get closer.

  3. [Name] is my name, don’t forget it, you’ll be shrieking it later.

  4. I have the key you want, now open those legs please.dirty pick up lines - lip bite
  5. Do you need my help to carry those boobs?

  6. My face would be more comfortable for you to sit.

  7. Help me prove this equation, “I+U=69”.

  8. Fuck me if i’m wrong.. dinosaurs still exists right?

  9. Look at her crotch then ask her: “Do you want to eat that?”

  10. I’ve got you an appointment to my bedroom. Thanks me later.

  11. Like a squirrel, I want to bury my nuts in you.

  12. Try me, I’ll never let you down and I’ll always get down on you.

  13. You are hot, I must leave you wet.

  14. Where were you sitting? Cause you have a very sweet ass!

  15. Are you an expert in cock raising or my case is exceptional?
    dirty pick up lines - lip bite
  16. What’s down on the floor? Bend over, have a look and take a deep breathe.

  17. Great dress but I’m sorry I’ll have to rip it apart.

  18. I bet your nipples are pink. Mind if I take a look?

  19. I’m hungry, can I eat you out?

  20. Bet I can touch your belly button.. from the inside.

  21. I always wondered how does vagina a tastes like? Mind if I check it out?

  22. I’ve got a boner. Wanna feed it to your pussy?

  23. Wanna save water by showering together?

  24. Let’s use these condoms in my pocket before they expire.

  25. If you take off your pants a 100% I promise I’ll give you my 200%.
    dirty pick up lines - lip bite
  26. I’m a fan of oral things. Are you too?

  27. Did you see the weather report? It will be all wet tonight.

  28. Do you like candies? I have a lollipop that you can have.

  29. You know I could be your soap for tonight, slippery and all over you.

  30. Hey I’m an adventurer and I want to explore your cave.

  31. I’m a foodie and I want to taste the meat you’ve got.

  32. I can give you a ride home as well as ride at home, wanna come?

  33. Don’t know how many time you had it, but I can be the best you’ve ever had.

  34. Hey I want to feel your jean’s material, mind if you take them off.

  35. Are you tired? Cause I’ve heard sex is good for combating stress.

  36. We are like a cake, you are soft and juicy and I’m the cream on top of you.
    dirty pick up lines - lip bite
  37. What did you do to grow these round juicy melons? 

  38. Let’s play Subway Surfer, I be the subway and you surf me.

  39. If I guess the price of those jeans, would you take them off?

  40. Do you want to have the best sex of your life tonight?

  41. Let’s play a game, the fastest person to take clothes off, wins.

  42. Doesn’t matter if you are free tonight, I’ll pay you anyway.

  43. Are you a fan of dinosaurs? Wanna check my Homo-Erectus?

  44. A- Movie, B- Dinner, C- Walk or you want the D.. All of the above.

  45. Let’s run an experiment, is your mouth wide enough to fit my banana into it.

  46. I want to taste your lips, no I’m not talking about your face ones.

  47. Are you a fan of trampoline? Cause I’ve a thing for you that you can bounce on.

  48. Let’s go my home and play with toys, I’ve got a blind fold, hand-cuffs and a bottle of lubricant.
    dirty pick up lines - lip bite
  49. Baby I’m no poet but would you suck my dick, then fuck with it?

  50. I think my zipper is broken, do you mind looking at it?

  51. My ears are ice cold, can I put them between your thighs?

  52. Is it me or you can give erection to anyone?

  53. Let’s get a room before it gets dark.

  54. I’ve got something through which we can watch Ultra HD porn, my mirror.

  55. If your bra match your underwear, can I take them off?

  56. Don’t you want my dick to be in your dick collection?

  57. I don’t have rules girl, you can either spit or swallow, it’s your choice.

  58. Mind if I grab that ass?

  59. I have a candle that you can blow on your birthday?
    dirty pick up lines - lip bite
  60. What’s your favorite fruit? It would be no surprise if you say banana.

  61. If I tell you things which can you do with your mouth except talking, will you try it?

  62. Are you a topper? Cause I know different positions for you.

  63. You sleep on your stomach? if not, can I?

  64. If I was your teacher I’d give you a D.

  65. You have an interview with my dick tonight, don’t be late.

  66. Not bragging but besides tasting, my tongue can do other wonders too.

  67. How come your dress can touch your body and I can not.

  68. Do not want boiled eggs? Wait let me give you fertilized eggs.

  69. Watched Spider-Man Homecoming, next up.. watching you Cum at my Home.
    dirty pick up lines - lip bite

Here you go.. I know these dirty pick up lines might be a little too creepy and vulgar to use but who knows what can let you have that one passionate night of your fantasies.

However, make sure you don’t get slapped across your face so keep your guards up 😉

Also, if you can’t find those guts to use these dirty pick up lines, you can always try these pick up lines for tinder and these funny pick up lines for guys works fine too..

Have something more naughtier? Let us know in the COMMENTS. 😉


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