Corny pick up lines are just another popular type of pick up lines. There’s a common thought that corny pick up lines hardly ever work. But if they are really good and well delivered


Otherwise, instead of a number you’ll always give that a girl a giggle or chuckle.

Have a look at these top 31 corny pick up lines that are definitely better than others.

31 Great Corny Pick Up Lines

  1. Can I get your seed? I want to grow a whole field of you.

  2. If I had to guess you’d have 11 protons, cause you are sodium fine.

  3. If I had a picture of you, I’d show santa what I want for Christmas.

  4. You can put my cigarette on fire, you are that hot.

  5. Do you have a pencil? Cause I want to write our future together.

  6. Do you grow vegetables? Cause I want your tu-lips.corny pick up lines
  7. You must be a drink, cause you are all I need.

  8. It’s bad to sleep with a stranger so let’s get to know each other.

  9. You are so stunning that you can be easily used as a laser.

  10. You must leave, it’s already too hot in here.

  11. If you’d advertise beauty I’d be happy to buy it from you.

  12. You’d be that library book I’d check out and would not return.romantic pick up lines
  13. You are like my pinky toe, small, cute, probably banging you into things every day.

  14. What will you cook me for breakfast?

  15. Is your name Elsa? Cause you just froze my heart-beat.

  16. I always thought that angels fly rather than walk.

  17. Would you like to have a date? I bet it’s the sweetest one you’ve ever had.

  18. Would you like to be my New Year Eve’s kiss?cheesy pick up lines
  19. When I see you my heart pounds like cannon fire.

  20. Hi I’m James. Wanna Bond with me?

  21. Your drinks on me until you get really drunk and agree to go out with me.

  22. Can I be an addition to your list of boyfriends?

  23. If you were a burger you would be McGorgeous.

  24. Forget smoke, main reason of global warming is you.

  25. Does it hurt having sparkle in your eye?mean pick up lines
  26. Your place won’t have a oven I guess, you are so hot alone.

  27. I just can’t breathe I need mouth to mouth now!

  28. Do you have time to talk or are you giving me your number to talk later?

  29. I never believed in love at first sight until I saw you.

  30. Excuse me I’m going to get a coffee. Care to join me?

  31. I don’t have a pick up line, let me just buy you a drink.corny pick up lines

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Admit it.. it takes balls for a guy to get up, break the ice and talk to a girl. Pick up lines are great because they atleast give you a shot when you don’t have anything else to say. Probably it gives you a chance to get a number nonetheless. 

Instead of trying these romantic and sweet pick up lines, you are being a little unconventional with corny pick up lines which will definitely get her to think that you are different and it might be worth trying you out.

Did these pick up lines ever work for you? Let us know in the COMMENTS and SHARE it with your friends to know their answers. 😉

Enjoy these video about corny pick up lines. 


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