Ever wondered what cheesy means? As this post is dedicated to cheesy pick up lines, you must have a clear idea what cheesy actually means.

So listen up:

CHEESY is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word used for “Corny or Lame“.

The word is actually used when something is overdone, and gets to the point where it seems unbelievable. In other words, it means trying to hard to be cool and then losing authenticity. So here’s your first lesson guys, do not try too hard otherwise it will all seem fake and will hinder your chances.

[What are the bad pick up lines that no one should ever use?]

Let’s just jump right in to some best cheesy pick up lines that you can use.

101 Best Corny and Cheesy Pick Up Lines

  1. The reason men fall in love is YOU!

  2. If you had a twin, I would still pick you.

  3. You would not be able to do a snowstorm, you’re too hot.

  4. If I had to choose five letters for your name, they’d be “U R A Q T”.

  5. I am single, so are you. Do you still think it’s just a coincidence?

  6. You seem to have weak lips, you should be trained.cheesy pick up lines
  7. How long does it take to come from heaven everyday?

  8. I hope you have an inhaler cause’ you took my breath away.

  9. You should wear sun glasses, there are people here who get lost is your eyes.

  10. You know when “God saw that it was good” I think he meant you.

  11. You should consider donating, you’re a little much gorgeous.

  12. If I was given three wishes. I’d wish for you each time.

  13. You intellect turns me on, you are sharp like cheddar.

  14. I bet your lips taste as good as they look.

  15. My feelings for you are like dividing zero, you can not define it.

  16. Did the sun come out or you just smiled at me?

  17. Let’s play a game, loser has to date winner.best pick up lines ever
  18. You must be a keyboard cause you are just my type.

  19. You must be a light bulb, cause you are so glowing.

  20. Do you have an ugly boyfriend? No? Want one?

  21. Guess what you and weather have in common? Hotness.

  22. I forgot my library card. Mind if I check you out?

  23. I would flirt with you, but I’d rather seduce you with my awkwardness.

  24. I am going for a walk. Would you hold this? (Then give her your hand)

  25. You must be tired after everything we did in my dream last night right?

  26. Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dragons exist, right?

  27. Are you wi-fi? Cause I think there is a connection between us.corny pick up lines
  28. Will you give my name an honor to be taken with yours?

  29. You must be the king of fruits. Because you can make a Man-Go Wild.

  30. Does your neck hurts? Cause you’ve been looking RIGHT all day.

  31. Mind if I come with you and meet your mom?

  32. Don’t get me wrong but I was only staring at your heart.

  33. I bet I can learn your number at once!

  34. Since feeding hungry is a good thing so.. how about dinner tonight?

  35. Your hand looks heavy, let me hold it for you.

  36. I’m starting donating today by giving you my heart.

  37. Will you be my dictionary? I don’t want a meaningless life.

  38. Would you take me or should I follow you home?clever pick up lines
  39. You must have a black belt. Cause you are so kickin.

  40. You have lips, I have lips, Interesting…..

  41. Isn’t stealing a crime? Cause you stole my heart ma’am.

  42. I’m so sure angels will be so jealous of your beauty.

  43. I’m really not a prediction-guy but I can see us together.

  44. “God bless you” won’t have any affect on you cause I think he already did.

  45. Is it Autumn? Cause I feel I’ve fallen for you.

  46. Your eyes are beautiful, you should definitely get them insured!

  47. The word is “Love one another”, let’s do that.

  48. Did your puppy just lick you? Can I do the same?

  49. My lucky number is seven and I’d become even luckier if I have your seven digits.

  50. I’m sleepy, wanna take a nap together?romantic pick up lines
  51. What would you like more for Valentines Day, flowers or chocolate? 😀 

  52. Mmm this coffee is delicious! Can I get you some?

  53. You look kind of familiar, are you the girl from my dreams?

  54. Would you like some raisins, No? then a date?

  55. You should not walk around in broad day light, many guys have fallen for you already.

  56. How long does it take for you to come here from heaven.

  57. That light switch and me are the same, both are turned on since you came here.

  58. You are a nice girl but why do you always enter my dirty mind.

  59. I could take you to the jail for robbing my heart but I’d take you out instead.

  60. How long do I have to stare to make you fall for me? 😛cheesy pick up lines
  61. Your face or your breast, can’t decide where to look.

  62. Well, I am here, what are your next two remaining wishes?

  63. If I were a puppy, would you take me outside for a walk?

  64. Like a cell phone without a charger, I’d die without you too.

  65. Let me find out those lips are as juicy as they looks.

  66. Not bragging but I can am a perfect cuddler, wanna try out?

  67. You might not be good in history, but I promise you’ll always remember our date.

  68. What if I tell you in these 25 years, you are the prettiest girl I’ve seen.

  69. A quick rapid fire question.. what’s your number?

  70. Did you eat beans for breakfast? Cause you seem magical.funny pick up lines tinder
  71. Quick heads up! if you ever lost your teddy bear, I can be there to sleep with you. 😉

  72. I’m not a chef but I can cook for you tonight, wanna come?

  73. I’d marry your aunt just to be a part of your family.

  74. Woah! your face cheeks are as beautiful as your ass cheeks!

  75. Ever heard “Modest is hottest”?. That’s why you are on FIRE.

  76. You have the most perfect body, have you got it insured?

  77. Let’s have a coin toss, Heads, I’ll take you out, Tails, you’ll go out with me anyway.

  78. Are you yourself an angel or a representative of it?

  79. Like Olympians want gold medals. I want You!

  80. I must charge you rent, cause you are in my soul today.cute pick up lines
  81. Here’s a picture of me in case you forget how your Mr.Right looks like.

  82. I just cannot wait for tomorrow, because you become prettier everyday. 

  83. Was wondering, is there any chance a hottie like you is available?

  84. Girl I might be needing some mouth-to-mouth cause you took my breath away.

  85. You are refreshing, can I get a picture of you to see it every time I wake up?

  86. If I were you, I’d never reject I guy like me.

  87. Can you be my nothing? Cause like nothing, you can last forever.

  88. Do you consider me as a perfect stranger? Well.. I’m [Name] now I’m just perfect.

  89. You won’t have any air freshener at your place cause you are alone so freshening.

  90. People say I’m the greatest cuddler, wanna confirm that?

  91. You are like songs lyrics, I just simply can’t get you off my mind.nerdy pick up lines
  92. Hey I can give you a football jersey, for that I need your name and number.

  93. Besides being with me, what are your other plans for the future?

  94. Is that door wide enough for us to go out together?

  95. Are you a boxer cause you knocked me OUT!

  96. I don’t think you should eat that cake, cause you are already too sweet.

  97. If kisses were snow flakes, I would send you a blizzard.

  98. If there was a scientist here, he’d surely found some chemistry between us.

  99. Hence proved we can see heavenly things. Cause I am looking at an angel right now.

  100. You are TOOO good for a cheesy pick up line.

  101. I’m a magician, if you volunteer yourself, I can do wonders with you.cheesy pick up lines

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So here you go folks! These are the best cheesy pick up lines that you can use on the girl of your dreams. Since, these 101 cheesy pick up lines are not in a ranking order so feel free to use any of these lines of your desire. And don’t think girls won’t like it. Trust me, THEY DO!

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Also, let us know in the COMMENTS which cheesy pick up lines you liked the most and which one worked for you. 😉


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