You might be wondering.. what are bad pick up lines?

A precise definition of really bad pick up lines would be those lines which do not have any affect on girl in fact you end up looking like a jackass after using them, are simply bad pick up lines.

If you are a girl you must have gone through these scenarios where a boy starts a chat with one of these lines and you are totally confused what to say or what just he said. Would you go out with him?

Definitely NO!

So listen up boys.. first impressions are everything, so when you are trying to break the ice you have gotta choose your words correctly. Of course, there are also some lines which not only have ZERO chance of success but are so bad that they’ll totally ruin your impression hence your self confidence too.

Here are these lines that you should never ever use. [Although feel free to have a good laugh 😀 ]

51 Really Bad Pick Up Lines

  1. Hey are your parents retarded, cause you are special.

  2. You must drink milk, cause you turned out really fine.

  3. Excuse me, I dropped something because of you, My JAW!

  4. Are you fan of utensils? Cause I wanna spoon.

  5. If you were a vegetable, you’d be a cute-cumber.

  6. Does that ring on your hand is just a piece of jewelry? 

  7. Did you bath today cause you look DIRTY!bad pick up lines
  8. I went to Japan, now I want to go into Japanties.

  9. You like Germany, cause I want to be your Ger-Man.

  10. You don’t know about me, but I’ll bet you want to.

  11. Lost my virginity, can I have yours?

  12. It feels like one of those nights, we won’t be sleeping.

  13. I’m suffering from diarrhea of your love, can’t keep it in.

  14. You look like bad news, I got to have you.

  15. I’ve got a blank space and I’ll write your name.

  16. Are those space pants? Cause you are un-catchable!

  17. You look like my next-ex.

  18. My software just turned into a hardware, wanna look?worst pick up lines
  19. Guess what’s the difference between you and my sister, doing her would be illegal.

  20. I knew you were trouble when you walked in.

  21. Watermelon’s aren’t the only things that are huge and round.

  22. If you ever feel lost, here’s the key to my bedroom.

  23. Breathe if you want to go out with me.

  24. What if you have one more bone in you?

  25. Do you belong to a terrorist family? Cause you are a bomb!

  26. Does this smell like chloroform to you?

  27. You’ve got a smile that takes me to another planet.

  28. Your smile is my second favorite curve on you.

  29. My doctor said I’ll die if I don’t have Vitamin-U.bad pick up lines for girls
  30. If I’d be a mechanic I’d love to screw you.

  31. Your pants seems dirty, take them off.

  32. If I weren’t gay I’d definitely ask you out.

  33. Don’t be like other girls, just say yes.

  34. Take some rest baby, you’ve been running on my mind since morning.

  35. Can I buy you a drink or just give you that money instead.

  36. If you turn me on, I’ll give a special treat to you.

  37. Can I carry your boobs?

  38. That’s strange, the voices in my head told me to go talk to you.

  39. I’m looking for a perfect stripper like you.

  40. I’m allergic to your blouse, take it off now!bad pick up lines for guys
  41. Did you spill water on your pants or you are just excited to see me?

  42. If you were any interested in soccer, you’d be a keeper.

  43. What’s different in erection and a pizza? You are not giving pizza to me right now!

  44. Any chance that you are a paleontologist? Cause I’ve got a long bone for you to discover.

  45. I bet you $50, you’ll not go out with me.

  46. If you have any cavities I’d love to fill it for you.

  47. I’ve a deep voice, consider hearing it in morning.

  48. I’m staring at you because I’ll make a sketch of you tonight.

  49. I’m bored, can I play with those boobs?

  50. Hey honey, I got money! 

  51. What rhymes with me and you? Screw!!!really bad pick up lines

No doubt, these were some really bad pick up lines ever. 

Here’s the deal:

These very very bad pick up lines won’t ever work because they are simply insulting. None of it compliments a girl on her inner beauty. You should never use them or you could receive a slap across your face. Consider trying these sweet pick up lines instead to win her heart.

But if you are jolly and find these funny, you can try your luck, who knows what will make her laugh and she might actually consider dating you. [Try these funny pick up lines also]. Whatever your intent is you should deliver it to your best.

Try not to use these bad pick up lines in the video!

Have some more bad pick up lines that you know about?

Let us know in the COMMENTS. And please SHARE this post with your friends to help them avoid using these lines. 😀


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